Dr. Arun Hosakoppa




Everybody knows that Nairutya means,placed between South & West direction. This is the part of Malnad region in Karnataka State. Malnad called as Green basin also Green Heaven. Malnad Contributed Many more Icons & achievers to the nation

Dr Arun Hosakoppa is hailed from Malenadu region. He is very much interested in  Literature, Music, Arts and participated with  Social Concern Activities. Arun exploring always new ventures some thing like innovative related to Social Service. 

Arun Hosakoppa awarded Post Graduation degree in History & Archaeology. He also got Doctorate Degree for Studies of Tax System in Keladi Nayaka’s Tenure. Dr Arun Hosakoppa basically from Hosakoppa village of Thirthahally Taluk, Shimoga District and served as Lecturer in Malenadu region for a short period. 

Later he shows much interest in Theatre Art and Movies, also he got Diploma in  acting from Adarsha Film Institute, Bangalore. Firstly, he scripted and directed stage play called ‘Gudiya’. This play got good recognition from the Audience , as well as many appreciations, awards including State Awards. 

If Social Activities extends with fruitful, must require everybody’s involvement, those who are equally interested. In this point of view Arun Hosakoppa established Nairutya Art Media in 2015, and named it as ‘Nairutya’. This is the dream organization of Dr Arun Hosakoppa. 

Arun Hosakoppa interested in Journalism and Writing. Their write-ups published in state daily’s and magazines. In these day’s Arun Hosakoppa left the lecturer job and completely dedicated into  Social Activities and Social Service. Later, he joined political activities with veteran politician Y S V Datta. Politicians are the Representatives of the pupils to serve public. But , today thing is not like that, hence Arun decided to Start the ever markable tele show ‘The Leader’ in Kannada channel. He interviewed many more powerful politicians in the tele show. Many leading politicians have been interviewed in this programme.

Arun started Nairutya Media Company to convey news and views to the public. Media company runs a ‘Nairutya ‘ monthly Magazine and allows many more writers. Magazine is an opportunity for writers to showcase their views. Magazine focused very talented Young and Senior Writers. Nairutya monthly magazine begins its 5th year on August 15, 2019. Magazine is very popular monthly magazine in academic sector. Magazine covers many cover story’s of the achievers, celebrities, politicians, artists and musicians and  Honest Officers. Special magazine includes cover story’s of Ex PM H D Devegowda, R V Devaraj, former Chickpet Assembly MLA and Ex Minister Dr H C Mahadevappa.

As this is the Digital Media age, hence, we also find the new ventures in digital media. We have been started Nairutya YouTube Channel and News Web Portal. You can also find YouTube and web portal in App.

We undertake production of Documentaries and Short Films related to Government/Corporate Sectors. We also undertake many workshops and events for the benefit of Public. 

Many MP’s and MLA’s desired to develop their constituency, hence they got grants sanction. But they doesn’t know actual facts happened in their constituency. In this view, we have been prepared complete picture of the Constituency and submitted to respective Representatives of the Public. Already we have submitted Cover Story Documents to MLA’s R V Devaraj of Chikpet and Jeevaraj of Sringeri Constituency. They recognised and appreciated our works.

A public music competition called ‘Nightingale of Karnataka’ state-wide program organised by Nairutya Media. This program Identifying many more talents like lemongrass from country side. Program focused on only those who are talented missing opportunities for various reasons. Nightingale of Karnataka encouraged many talented youngsters till today.

Karnataka State has Scheduled Caste Alemaris, partial Alemaris and sensitive, very sensitive communities. Their life style is very different from one to another. We have been collected their folklore life, profession, food practice details and produced a valuable documentary in the History of Karnataka Contemporary. A detailed report has been made available to the government.

Many youngsters desire to get recognition in Cinema field . We have been identified them and providing opportunities to start the career. Nairutya Art Media and Mr Achyuth Gowda’s collaboration , we provided many opportunities to perform in our new Venture ‘Maththe Maththe”, a Kannada Full Length Movie. For those who participated in the Nightingale of Karnataka programme were provided the chance at playback singing in this film.

Dr Arun Hosakoppa runs Nairtya Art Media firms successfully with their public life & public service. Chief of the Institution of the Fedilitus Corps Mr Achyuth Gowda always supported to Arun’s ventures. Nairutya Art Media is the part of Fedilitus Corps now. Dr Arun Hosakoppa realised that the support and participation of the colleagues in their success.

He has the hope of undertaking and completing large and important projects.